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The details of a good military model are lifelike and delicate, such as rivets, tracks, turrets, long-range sights, periscopes and vehicle mounted guns, smoke jamming launchers, and so on. Next, large military model manufacturers will talk about the manual manufacturing methods of military models that novices can learn.
Necessary tools:
A set of models (there is only one board and one module board in the model package)
A set of mold glue, knife, nozzle forceps, two straight bending forceps, Jiuyang anvil, grinding plate and sandpaper (Note: the fineness of sandpaper is calculated according to the purpose)
1 set of file, model hand saw, model hand drill (0.02-2mm drill), model bottle opener, grinding block, toothpaste filling, AB filling, water addition, water softener
Model coatings have the following companies for your reference: Tiangong water-based coatings, Jun petroleum based coatings, Taiwan Xianying water-based coatings, Spain AV water-based coatings and easy to mold water-based coatings
If the model design is unreasonable and we want to improve or add metal details, we can use PE (copper etching) ABS plastic plate, copper wire and rubber rod
Coloring tools include surface brush, flat brush, spray pump and cover belt
Old chemical equipment, including old chemical soil and acid washing liquid, can also be used as acid washing oil for acrylic pigment
Manual manufacturing method of military model I
Find the parts with corresponding numbers according to the numbers in the manual (such as A6). According to the number of English letters, cut the parts with a nozzle cutter, cut the water nozzle with a knife (the plastic port connecting the parts and the plate), and polish with sandpaper. Then, apply the model glue to another part and press it tightly with your hand. It takes about 10 seconds.
Color application is the second step of the three steps of the model (assembly and color aging). We need to know whether the color application is hand drawn or jet pump spraying. Whether it is hand-painted or spray painted, it is necessary to apply water and soil before coloring. The water filled soil can be used as both the primer and the final joint filler of the model. When painting, it can also be seen that similar model paint has better adhesion, and it can also be judged whether the camouflage coating of the model is uniform. Shake up and down evenly before use.
Let's talk about the camouflage of hand-painted military models. As mentioned above, after filling with water and soil, the model is in the form of gray primer. Common camouflage in various countries generally has three colors, such as NATO tricolor and PLA tricolor. A layer of hand-painted camouflage is generally green or yellow. This technique uses a flat head pen to cross paint (first horizontal, then vertical, 90 degrees at right angles). The advantage of this is that it reduces the disguised painting like handwriting and is more realistic.
The second and third layers of camouflage are linear. We can use face-to-face strokes to draw the outline of the camouflage line, and then use a flat pen to draw. When applying two and three layers of camouflage, we need to cover it with a masking tape to obtain the required camouflage line and cover it. The belt can be bent or covered with plastic or rubber at will. We can see camouflage paintings in the model manual and real car pictures on the Internet.
In terms of dilution, the hand drawn dilution ratio of water-based model paint thinner to water-based model paint is 1:1. If the spraying ratio is 1:5, the suitable camouflage is good, and the spraying pen is not blocked. Note that if oil-based model paint is used, oil-based model paint thinner must be used, which is slightly different from water-based paint.
The ratio of hand-painted camouflage diluent to model paint is 1:2, and the spraying ratio is 1:6 during the dilution process. Take equal amounts of the two with a measuring cup or buret, and then mix them in a mixing plate.
Aging is the highlight of the model, which can be divided into smoke aging, camouflage peeling, rust aging and mud aging. The method is to use fuming soil and a small amount of white latex. First, apply white latex to the place where the old soil needs to be stuck, then use a flat pen to take a small amount of old soil and stick it on it, and knock off the excess old soil.
According to Xiaobian's experience, the rust and aging of camouflage can be painted on the place where the paint needs to be peeled with a high-density alcohol cotton swab, or the visual effect of rust can be simulated with Tiangong enamel. Mud aging can make natural drawing semi wet. When taking it out with a flat pen, spray it with a spray gun or gently brush the track with your fingers to produce field effects; When using the fixing liquid (depending on the situation), it will appear old and strong.
This is the basic content of the manual manufacturing method of military models that novices can learn. You can use it as a reference. For more information about military models, please come to our website http://www.quanyimoxing.com Consult!